Aligned Projects

Combining the extensive and reputable capabilities of TAGG Industries with sister companies KMI and M&G, allows us to work together to create complex architectural structures and enclosures.

Additionally, this aligned approach of combining glass, metal panel and steel capabilities enables us to provide a single point of contact for project management to improve communications; saving you time and money, all while reducing errors, mitigating risk and improving functionality.

  • Structural Steel to accommodate and support TAGG systems.
  • Economical and practical solutions both for steel-to-steel and glass to steel connections through M&G.
  • Architectural Metal Panel Systems through KMI.

Single Point Of Contact

With multiple subcontractors working on your project, information, details and opportunities for coordination can easily be overlooked if they aren’t managed properly, putting your project at risk for costly errors and delays. In order to avoid this common problem, we offer a single point of contact across the related disciplines of glazing, metal panels and steel to provide the following benefits:

  • Internally coordinated drawings minimize design errors and mitigates risk
    for Owners and General Contractors
  • Improved teamwork and efficient communication
  • Coordinated project management and installation
  • Increased accessibility to information
  • Better-quality and quicker turnaround of customer requests
  • Improved focus and a proactive approach to each project from design to completion
Example A: Traditional Project Communication


Example B: Streamlined Communication To Maximize Project Efficiency